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Blood Lovers

Sweet skin
Cannot be resisted,
Shall be tasted:
I dart out my tongue.

Those lips,
Sweet, like honey
Bitter, like fresh ground coffee: I taste chocolate.

You're soft to the touch
With harsh forests of
Unshaven hairs planted along your chin and cheeks.

My hand some-how finds its way to your face
And tenderly strokes it,
Eliciting a feral growl deep in your throat.

With my body held against yours,
Just like this,
Our two hearts beat side-by-side,
They beat as one: nothing else matters.
Nothing but our shared heart.

I gave you my being,
And you gave me a ring.
My gift was better,
But who'll know?
I just had inspiration to write this... no background.... I just wrote it cause I wanted too. ^_^

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Submitted on
October 27, 2012
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