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Tolerate by Aaron-Jay Tolerate by Aaron-Jay
I made this because I'm sick of all the BULLSHIT that is being said on the right side of American Politics. Not right as... correct... but right as conservatism. Religion was created to explain why the elements did things and to give us peace of mind. That's what religion is for... to create an inner peace within us... not to teach hate. There is no religion out there that teaches hate. Even Satanism teaches the positivity of focusing on yourself and being less open to hurtful thoughts and actions of others and yourself. For a bad deity, such as Satan, Satanism seems to be a positive religion.

I don't know what religion any of you guys are out there, and I don't care. Religion is not there to force onto others. It's your own personal belief. I'm a Pagan, I don't care what you guys think about that. :O So why should it matter who marries who?

North Carolina is Passing a law to have the state religion be Christianity. :O This kinda ties into my anger aswell. Not everyone believes in Jesus being their Lord and Savior. Not only is that disrespectful, but it's forcing a religion down peoples throats.

Seriously America? We abandoned Europe because of religious persecution... Now we, ourselves are acting just as stupid. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson and all our forefathers would beat our asses if they knew how we ended up.
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fishphan10m Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
I agree with the message. I perhaps would have gone with a different, more serious background.

And you're right, this isn't a "Christian Nation." If that was true, then why are there individuals begging for food/money/shelter at the exits of interstates. Why are we talking money away from social services? Why are we looking down on everyone?
Aaron-Jay Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Professional General Artist
I was trying for a gentle approach with the background... saying that peace is the only way. It didn't work? O.o :O Aw, that's ok! :D All's good.

Money shouldn't be the backbone of our civilization. Yeah, it's nice to have money, but what ever happened to trading? Money is screwing everyone over; Being a bunch of capitalists sure isn't helping us...more like hindering. When something doesn't work, do we just do the exact same thing over and over again or do we try something different until we find something that works? I'd be trying something different. :O It's not logical to try and stuff a key into a lock that it, obviously, doesn't open... Why not use another key?
fishphan10m Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
I agree. Do you watch Absurdity Today on YouTube? Julianna interviewed a guy and he said that socialism actually helps the everyday common worker more than capitalism.

Aaron-Jay Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Professional General Artist
I don't watch it... I don't really watch YouTube that much. I watched the video and it's very interesting.

I don't believe in socialism...
1.) because I feel it's a wonderful concept on paper, but it cannot work, as it is described, in real life without terrible consequences. Communism too, is a wonderful concept on paper! Who doesn't like the idea of having all people being equal in all ways? but in real life, some people are going to be more equal then others and who's going to make sure there is an "equal" type of system in place?

2.)Human beings are greedy. As I said before, some people feel they deserve more then others because they "Work Harder" then others. For that reason Socialism isn't a very practical governmental system to put into action. There will be more attempts at tax evasion and more mischievous activities by the top 1%.

3.)The fact that no single form of government has EVER worked well in reality shows that the ones that sound too good to be real just have to be fictitious. Democracy ends up turning into capitalism or crumbles away from the inside: it possibly has the potential of both things happening. Capitalism is very narrow minded and so many end up in poverty ending up in the end, with a revolt on the leaders(s) plate. The only forms of government that seem to work as well on paper as they do in reality are Dictatorships and monarchy's. No one elects the leader and all those under their command have nothing to say about their rule.

4.)As humans, we need to have leadership of some kind, or we fall apart. Anarchy isn't the answer, but neither is a form of government that says that we have to be equal without leadership. If we were to combine several of these wonderful ideas together... well... then we have the possibility of having something work.

5.) Europe isn't using socialism, per say. It's a hybrid of Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy: that's why it works. When socialism is combined with other ideas it seems to flourish.
fishphan10m Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013

I just posted it because I thought it was interesting.
Aaron-Jay Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Professional General Artist
lol. sorry. I like to politically debate and get into conversations.
I wasn't trying to put anything over on you or anything.
fishphan10m Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
It was just a lot more information than I anticipated! I tend to collect information and once I have enough then I can make a decision.
Aaron-Jay Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Professional General Artist
ah... Well... I kinda spout info out like it was going out of style. O.o
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